EWB Speaker Profiles

Michaelmas 2019

Mr. Peter Ross

Mr Ross has worked extensively in the development field in Asia, Africa and the UK. Long term positions have included India, Mongolia and Papua New Guinea. His most recent assignment was in DPR Korea leading the coordination of EU humanitarian assistance to that country.

Lent 2020

Mr. Giles Cattermole

Before consulting, Giles had a career in agricultural development in the Third World.

After training with Rolls Royce, BP and Shell, he worked successively as a volunteer, an engineering developer, a sales manager (with Ford), and as a United Nations diplomat.  Over ten years he covered the Pacific islands, India, and all of Africa.

Founding his own consulting firm, Giles has concentrated on the link between firms’ cost drivers, market performance, and the sustainable competitive advantages they can bring to bear against other players. Most of his work has been with small groups [Board or Executive members], involving interactive “Challenge & Response” techniques. He has been largely responsible for the development of “Reverse” (i.e. competitor) costing techniques; he has also developed new approaches to quantifying and modelling from industrial market research. He has worked primarily with industrial clients, but has a growing practice in financial services.

Miss Elisa Roth

Elisa is a PhD student at the Institute for Manufacturing, University of Cambridge. Her research focusses on the impact of digital worker support systems in production systems. Elisa has a degree in industrial engineering from Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany. She has been active with Engineers without Borders Germany coordianting a student-run water infrastructure and microfinance project in Laikipia County, Kenya. She has been involved in technology consulting, technical product innovation and business development functions in corporations, start-ups and SMEs, including McKinsey&Company, STABILO, Share4good, and MWH Global. Moreover, she is a scholar of the Foundation of German Business (sdw), honorary scholar of the Cambridge Trust, and recently received the “Next Generation Women Leaders Award” by McKinsey&Company.